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2-for-Tuesday: Non-Stick Oven Crisper Trays

  • Get that fried texture without frying
  • 2 trays: a smaller one (11x8) and a bigger one (14x10.5)
  • Use one in your toaster oven, the other in your oven oven
  • Model: 584-930, which makes sense because numbers are far crunchier than letters
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Get That Crunch

I watch cooking shows sometimes. Okay, fine, by ‘sometimes’ I mean ‘every damn day.’ I mean it. Rarely does an evening go by when I do not turn on an episode of Chopped or Guy’s Grocery Games or Cooks Vs. Cons. Hell, I even watched that terrible show on Netflix, The Final Table, because I just can’t get enough b-roll of onions being expertly diced.

In these shows, you’ll hear a fairly common refrain from the judges. “The flavors are great, but we wished you’d have given us some different textures,” they’ll say. Or “you shoulda maybe put those potatoes in the deep fryer for a crispy element.” Something along those lines.

And honestly, this can seem a bit stupid, nothing more than an attempt by the judges to maintain a level of uncertainty in order to stoke drama. Because c’mon! If it tastes good, who cares about texture, right?

And yet, it’s happened to me. It being: I’ve looked down at a plate that I’ve been given by a host, or a waiter, or one I’ve prepared myself, and I’ve spied French fries or fried chicken tenders or onion rings. And I’ve picked one up, excited to crack its golden brown shell between my teeth, only to feel it droop in my fingers, or reverberate in a rubbery way.

It’s gross. It sucks. And even if everything’s seasoned perfectly and juicy on the inside, the meal is less enjoyable than it could be.

What makes it even more frustrating? It can be avoided! Easily! With these crisper trays. You get two of them–one that’s just 11x8 inches, and a bigger one that’s 14x10.5 inches (i.e. one that can fit in your toaster oven, another for your proper oven). Which is great because it means you can get that crispy outer layer on anything, whether you’re making a big dinner or reheating some stuff for lunch. Plus, you don’t need oil or butter or any of that, so it’s healthy.

Or sorta healthy.

Maybe not so healthy at all, depending on what you’re crisping.

Look, we don’t know. Point is, with these, you don’t need to fire up the deep fryer if you want your food to have that delightful crunch. And isn’t that worth $10?

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