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18K Gold Filled Rose Atoll Swarovski and Pearl Statement Earrings or Necklace

  • Mother’s Day is coming up
  • Can’t just give her a gift certificate for a restaurant this year
  • So get her some earrings or a necklace
  • Both feature 18K gold fill, Swarovski Crystals, and real-deal freshwater pearls
  • model: 5W4R0V5K1-R350RT
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May 10th Is Coming Up

They might’ve moved tax day, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any obligations until July. No way, buddy. Come Sunday May 10th, you’ll still have to lay down your offering at the altar of Mom, giving thanks not just for your existence, but for all the patience and persistence it took to turn you from a drooling little baby (or giant baby; thanks internet) into a functional–okay, semi-functional–human being.

Now, here’s a little issue: a lot of Mother’s Day gifts are experiences. You take mom out to that nice restaurant for a glass of fine wine, a good meal, and a little you-and-her time. Or, if you live further away, you get her on the phone, wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and let her know that you’ve called that nice restaurant and her meal there is covered, so why doesn’t she go out for a nice dinner with dad or some of her friends. Or (and this is if you live close again) you head over and just do a few projects around the house with her.

But those things are pretty much out of the picture this year, so you’re going to want to give a real bonafide gift. And you know what you can’t go wrong with?


Like these earrings or this necklace from the Rose Atoll Collection. Both are available in a number of elegant colors and feature 18K gold fill, Swarovski Crystals, and real-deal freshwater pearls.

So, which should you get? That depends on a number of delicate considerations. For example, what does your mother like more: music (ear-centric) or tea (throat-centric)? And have you photoshopped each one onto a picture of her to see which looks best? What about secretly consulting with at least twelve of her friends via Facebook messenger to get their opinion?

LOL, just kidding. It’s actually very simple: get her whichever one you want. She’ll appreciate whatever you choose because it’s coming from you.

Besides, the real gift will be the calm, reassuring voice you use while explaining what Zoom is and how it works.

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