carl669 thought this was worth mentioning said

maybe it bothers me more than it should.

bought a dozen mini-drones during the mehrathon to give away at my apartment. box arrived and i unpacked them all. printed out a note saying “share with your neighbors, please only take one”. took them out to the main lobby and set them out. it’s not a heavily trafficked area - most people come in through one of the side or back entrances. took the elevator down one floor to recycle the boxes. came back up (literally about 1 minute) and 3 of them were already gone. walked down the hall to my apartment, sent off a couple emails, grabbed the bags of trash and walked down to the main lobby to put them down the trash chute. all of the drones, and the note, were gone.

even during these times, fucking greedy assholes are still fucking greedy assholes.