Shoutout to Meh/Mercatalyst Customer Service

djslack went on a bit of a rant said

This morning I dealt with another ecommerce company that made me think about how good the folks at Meh have been to me. People bitch about having only email support, but an asynchronous method of support is a blessing once you have experienced the alternative.

I bought some items from another company. After completing my purchase, the site said that shipping could be delayed up to 30 days due to COVID-19 practices. Fine. I finally received my goods, and they sent zero of the designs I ordered, and only five of the six items. There was a card that said the replacement design was sent immediately (2 weeks slower than regular stated fulfillment times) for my safety, but if I wasn’t happy to reach out to their customer service team.

Customer service there lists two options: telephone and live chat. But telephone service is closed due to COVID-19. Live chat opened at 10AM EDT. I was on at 10 and joined immediately, number 54 in the queue. I put in all my information and my request in the first message. When I reached number 1 in the queue, a rep joined and asked how he could help and asked me to be patient as he was very busy. I stated all my information was in the first message, and waited. I patiently waited and then messaged once about every half hour for the next two hours with no response although the rep was supposedly still in the chat with me. After just over two hours I was disconnected, and the next message put me back at number 99 in the queue. That number did not go down at all over the next ten minutes.

Sure, Meh CS requires sending an email or filling out a form and then waiting a day or more for a response. But that response comes, and is usually cheerful, helpful, and more than often an immediate resolution to the problem. And I can do other things with my life in the intervening time. That is one thousand times better than being able to be ignored by a person in realtime.

So thanks for all you do, Meh CS. I salute you this morning and hope you have a great week!

(In unrelated story, if anyone is tempted by the widespread marketing of SA Fishing or Alpha Defense, don’t be. Buying anything from them would be a mistake.)