4/27/20 What the hell does that mean anyway?


So, when you save something on your computer you click on an icon that looks like a floppy disc, an antique piece of tech that no one uses anymore. Do most young people even know what that represents?
When you talk about something that rotates you define it as clockwise/counterclockwise. But hardly anyone uses an analog watch anymore and digital displays are ubiquitous in the household. So how long before nobody knows why that is even a thing?
When you want to sign “call me” to someone, you stretch out your thumb and pinkie and hold them up to your face by your ear and mouth. How many kids these days have ever even seen a phone that goes into a cradle? Why not just hold up your palm to the side of your head with your fingers out straight?
When you say the same thing over and over you are a ‘broken record’. Why?
Any other pieces of tech you can think of that are still frequently referenced but no longer in use?