120-Pack: Live Better Elderberry Superfood Immunity Drink Mix Packets

  • Made from organic black elderberry to support your immune system
  • You get a whole bunch of packets
  • Tastes like fruit punch, apparently
  • You could dissolve it in something other than water
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: sir, this is a drink mix
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Super, Food

We just want to make a few things clear here: today’s sale is 120 Live Better Organic Elderberry Superfood Drink Mix packets.

Basically, you dissolve some in some water and you get a tasty beverage that helps your immune system. (Or, if you don’t want to drink it straight up, you can mix it in with just about anything: your favorite juice, a smoothie, etc.). The above-mentioned “superfood” refers to the organic black elderberry from which this stuff is formulated.

We just wanted to be upfront about all that, because we didn’t want you to think this is some rare collector’s item related to the 1980s cult classic animated series, The Super Foods, about a cadre of culinary heroes who try to solve the world’s problems with cooking.

You know, the show that made famous such characters as:

  • Wolverterrine
  • Captain Marble-rye
  • Venom-nom-nom
  • The Bean Lantern
  • Souper Man
  • Groot Vegetable
  • Thornay Sauce
  • The Flash(-fried green beans with garlic and chili flakes)
  • The Incredible Edible Hulk
  • Toast Rider

Anyway, the series was cut short due to very obvious copyright issues, making all products related to it extremely valuable in certain circles. But this product has nothing to do with The Super Foods. It just makes use of a superfood.

So buy some! And feel super good!

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