120-Pack: LifeToGo KN95 Disposable Non-Medical Respirator Face Masks

  • 120 of those KN95 masks that we used to sell kind of a lot but now sell only kind of sometimes.
  • Adjustable bendy nose clip, comfy elastic ear loops.
  • Shipped in handy packs of three.
  • Can it make a margarita? It can make a margarita awfully hard to drink.
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Plenty of Uses

Man face masks really had a moment there for a little while, didn’t they?

But like the humble bellbottom trouser and men in the 1950s cutting their grass wearing suspenders, time has largely moved on. That said, if you’re still masking up, you probably understand more than anyone that 120 KN95s for twelve bucks is a pretty great deal.

But hey, even if you’re no longer masking for pandemic-related reasons, it turns out that these things existed even before covid became a thing and that they’re actually pretty handy to have around regardless.

For example, there are probably some scenarios in the early 2020s where you were doing something like changing a particularly gross diaper or cleaning out some unusually funky items from the back of the fridge and you realized that not only could you be wearing a face mask, but that you actually own some.

Call it a light bulb moment.

It’s like putting on your motorcycle helmet to go for a ride but then realizing you could also fight a kangaroo. You know…if that came up somehow.

Or when you have a good pair of reflective sunglasses and notice that you can protect your delicate eyes from the sun AND protect your weary soul from making eye contact with people at the grocery store.

Dual purposes, is all we’re saying.

Or when you have some vintage pistols for historical display in your stately library between the cavernous fireplace and the high-backed chairs. Then you realize that you can also use them for settling arguments between you and your friends.

Duel purposes, is all we’re saying.

So yeah. Masks. Useful for combatting viruses, sure, but also suitable for dusty cleaning jobs, dirty yard work, or when Canada is on fire again (or still. It’s hard to keep track.)

They’ll even keep people from being able to tell if you have saliva running out of your mouth like a cartoon character while you wait for dinner to be served.

(Drool purposes, is all we’re saying.)

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