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12-Pack: Think Jerky 1.5oz Bags

  • 12 bags of dehydrated meat snacks
  • Okay, that doesn’t sound appealing, but trust us: this stuff is good
  • Many flavors, so choose yours wisely
  • Or unwisely, honestly; they’re all tasty
  • Model: TH1NK-J3RK1LY
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Savor It

We sold some of this Think Jerky at the beginning of April. While @TBoneZeOriginal gave the most complete review–“Y’all, the sweet chipotle is incredible. Also, the sesame teriyaki smells like ass but tastes amazing”–many others chimed in and agreed that it was delicious.

Since then, we’ve branched out and offered a number of other food items. We’ve sold giant bags of beans. We’ve launched an entire site for sending your friends pasta. We’ve even put up some really good low-sugar stroopwafels that are high enough in fiber to teach a certain deal-a-day site copywriter’s old, tired digestive system a series of exciting new tricks!

But we always come back to jerky. Why? Because it tastes great, it’s packed with protein, and it’s genuinely not that bad for you. In other words, it’s a treat that doesn’t make you feel the way a lot of other treats do.

Now, last time we suggested you open a bag of Think Jerky and find some great snack literature to read. This time, we’re recommending something a little easier. Why not enjoy a little Think Jerky while you binge-watch a great snack television series, such as:

  • Doritozark
  • CashYou
  • Kit Katfish
  • The Brady Buncha Crunch
  • Family Platters (of Assorted Vegetables and Dips)
  • Veronica Mars Bar
  • The New Pistachiope
  • Chex and the City
  • I Love Speculoosy
  • This Is HummUs

Okay, we have to come clean on something: none of these shows actually exist. We made them up.

But Think Jerky? Oh, it’s real, and it’s real good! So buy some if you want a delightful and not entirely unhealthy stuck-at-home snack.

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