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Blower | Extra Battery

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless High Performance Leaf Blower + 2 Rechargeable Batteries

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No gas smell on your clothes after you use it
  • Generates 270CFM of airflow at 95MPH
  • Two batteries so one can always be charged and ready to go
  • A better name for it would be: Revooh, because it’s like vacuuming, but in reverse
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Leaf blowers are sorta stupid, right?

Or, sorry. They’re not stupid. They’re just a little annoying.

Or, sorry, they’re not annoying. They’re just most often wielded by annoying people.

We’re not talking about people who work in lawn care here. No, we’re talking about people whose personality is lawn care. Not people who plant beautiful flowers. Not people who grow vegetables. Not people who landscape. People for whom their lawn is an extension of their soul. And their lawn is boring. Because they’re always out mowing. And they’re always out leaf-blowing.

What’s more, a lot of leaf blowers run on gas. So not only are they loud and obnoxious to hear; they smell bad too.

And yet, none of these things counteract the essential truth that led to the leaf blower’s invention: raking is the worst.

It’s tedious. It’s boring. And it’s surprisingly arduous. Only, it’s the kind of arduous that sneaks up on you, so that you think you’re going along just fine, and then, as you start to see some progress, the exhaustion sets in.

What we’re saying is: all of your self-righteousness for not being the type of person who uses a leaf blower goes up in smoke within ten minutes of performing any non-blower leaf-moving task.

What we offer today is a compromise.

Is this thing loud? Sure. It’s not the loudest but it’s not particularly quiet, either. Is it a bit obnoxious? Probably.

But it doesn’t smell like gas when you run it. Because it doesn’t run on gas. It’s electric and it comes with two rechargeable batteries, which means you can always have one charged and ready to go. Plus, it’s lightweight. And it’s made by Hoover, the vacuum brand that ingeniously reverse-engineered their sucking technology to blow.

In other words, it’s a leaf blower you can own without becoming a part of leaf blower culture.

So buy it. And blow some leaves. ELECTRICALLY!

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