Where bad things go (NSFW)


Since @mfladd and I keep getting into trouble,

and have already been told to get a room

(2x! What's with you pervs?), I'm starting this thread. Perhaps with this place, your serious threads will stay safe from the abuse we like to deal out to each other (I doubt it, but hey, we can tell ourselves that). But please, we aren't ones to turn anyone away from a little fun,

so join us, if you want to play. It's just that not all of us play the same. Some are crude, or twisted, or just plain wrong. Some are just plain freaks

(Some of us are just a little off)

But you need not be particularly freaky. This will be our shadow thread. It is a safe haven where all profanity, tasteless, or otherwise taboo images can be placed, but don't go looking too hard to get banned (mfladd).

*with this in mind, we are not your mommy and your daddy (shudder at the thought). Anything you post will not be under our jurisdiction but that of meh! We cannot be held accountable if you are poorly received because you're an asshole or because you go too far. There's an art to vulgarity, a fine line. But if all else fails, that's what goats are for! And if you come in here, knowing what you'll find, save the bitching at us for being, well, us! Don't be a

Think of this as our floating prison, sent here to keep you others safe. Just remember, we will always find a way to break out.

hollboll edit- added NSFW to the top of the thread