What's your favorite mobile game right now?

JonT had a video to watch said

Lately I've been totally obsessed with Alto's Adventure after a recommendation from @ChadP. It's a really fantastic looking whimsical endless snowboarding game with simple controls that's really addictive. The world has a really great feel, that in addition to the task-based progression, has me coming back again and again. It's $2 on the app store and totally worth it, it looks gorgeous on my 6+.

Other than Alto's most of the office was obsessed with 1010! until @MEHcus achieved a seemingly impossible to top score of 18,000something. 1010! is a puzzle game that's sort of a play on Tetris where you have a 10x10 grid that you have to fit various tetris-like shapes onto. Like Tetris if you make a complete line it'll clear so the goal is to try to keep the board clear while getting as many points as possible. Takes a while to get the hang of but is really fun and challenging.

And then of course there is Clash of Clans. I resisted playing for so long but it's actually pretty fun, especially in our clan. I've managed to not spend any money on it too, which is sadly rare for me and microtransaction games.

Whatcha playin?