What do you think about extended Meh deals?


Our community has occasionally noticed an older deal that’s still live - Last Monday’s sconces, for instance, or Tuesday’s biscotti, in addition to today’s flatware. I thought I’d explain what’s going on there and see what you all think of it.

As you can see in our “How’d you get here” stats block on the Meh home page, we often get Deal sites sending people our way. We love that, bluntly for the sales, but also to help new people find out about Meh and hopefully become new regulars on the site and in the community. But it turns out deal sites can be pretty slow to notice, post about, and share our deals. We were seeing bumps of traffic coming in to a deal just after that deal expired which kind of sucks for everyone.

When we see that happening now, and we’ve got enough inventory, we’ll extend that deal up to a week or so. I’m curious what you think of this - is it a nice plus that you could have a last chance to grab those sconces from last Monday? Does it destroy your vision of a daily deal site to know that last Tuesday’s Biscotti are still live? Or does it not matter either way since you never noticed?

Should we make it easier to find Meh deals that are still live? Harder? Push them over to SideDeal? Chime in and let me know what you think.