This or That, Day 11


I must say I was not surprised that Malcolm was the runaway winner of the Jeff Goldblum roles. But if I got even one person who had never heard of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to actually watch the film, then it was a successful edition.

Now I’m not sure if I would count the Wonder Woman submissions, though I was impressed by the efforts and you can’t argue with the level of dedication that includes Photoshopping Goldblum’s cartoon face onto the cover of a Wonder Woman comic book.

And at least there wasn’t some sketchy picture from the wrong side of the web of a (hopefully drunk) Jeff in a WW outfit. From that at least we were spared.

So at the risk of pissing even more of you off with things about which you don’t care or have never seen (and that aren’t Wonder Woman, the tart…) today’s edition is for those of a more cultured ilk (as opposed to an uncultured Irk…but I digress). As I promised in the beginning, there is a little something for everyone and this is meant to fill in some of the cracks left by the episodes to date.

Today’s choice is between a couple of Agatha Christie mystery characters that are both set in the early 1900’s. One is an uptight OCD Belgian in England; the other a flamboyant flapper in 1920’s Australia. Both are definitely worth watching and highly recommended.

Hercule Poirot

or Miss (Phryne) Fisher

And don’t worry if you don’t know either of them. I’m sure someone you recognize will somehow make it into the mix.