The End of These Stupid Speaker Docks


We did it! The day we never thought would arrive has finally come and we couldn’t be happier. Today we’re celebrating the end of these stupid speaker docks all day long!

We’ll be doing Periscopes with trivia, interactive games, and even some sweet speaker dock destruction.

And what's a celebration without a few prizes? We're so happy to be done selling them that we’ll be giving away a bunch of the stupid pieces of crap! Plus it'll help us burn through the rest of our stock.

I’ll keep this thread up to date with new events and Periscopes as they happen so check back in to see what’s new!

Watch our Goodbye JBL Micro video

Guess how many pieces this dumb speaker dock is in & win a prize

@harrison’s 30-minute Speaker Dock De-meh-lition Guessing Game!

Speaker dock facts!

Check out our Speaker Dock Derby video in preparation for the live race @ 5:00pm Eastern!

Who's ready to spin the speaker dock wheel of destruction?

Speaker dock derby preview & speaker dock battleship w/ more prizes!

Speaker dock baseball & Derby race