Stars - January facies duos capra 01/04-5/20


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What do you like?

I suspect I may be one of those “people in forums that like too much” (certainly there are self-help books and therapy groups for me):
enter image description here
My altruism score hovers around 20-21, which I think is on the high side. I checked some of the other “nonstop, irrepressible chatterbox” types and the scores are usually from 1 to 5 or so, with a couple 10s. Then there’s @Shrdlu with that unbelievable 111.7!
enter image description here
I don’t really work on it – I just star anything that seems nice, useful, informative, funny, helpful, sincere – I figure it’s always good to encourage such sentiments. I don’t star things that are antagonistic, mean, or demeaning. I also star any reply to my posts or comments, whether they’re nice or contentious, just out of politeness. And for this month, everyone on the blame thread gets a star!

So, am I too starry-eyed? What makes you click that star?