Post Melon Watermelon Carving Contest


Story time.

It was a dreary hot day on August 22nd. I brought up the idea of a pumpkin carving contest in advance so we could have time to plan. Needless to say, we got slammed in the CS department over the next week and all ideas for Halloween were forgotten.

Until it got closer to Halloween when @chadp had the idea of starting a pumpkin carving contest for the forum.

Queue the whip lash from me turning around from my desk so fast.

This has turned into such a huge joke in our CS department that if anyone repeats something, it’s automatically a pumpkin carving contest.

We never got the carving contest. This is all that I have now. Please don’t disappoint me.

It’s like a pumpkin carving contest, only watermelons…it’s a watermelon carving contest. It’s the perfect season to take a stab at making some art. You’ve got 3 days to participate! There will be prizes along the way.

EDIT Original post was 24 hour deadline. We’ll give you a few days.