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iRobot Roomba 560 (Refurbished)

  • Nowhere near the newest model
  • You’ll find yourself just watching it go instead of getting anything done
  • You could just clean the floor yourself, you lazy bum
  • Won’t work with Mac
  • It’s a refurb
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Simple. Classic. Familiar. Refurbished.

Today is born a daily-deal site in the original mold. A daily-deal site that gets back to basics. A daily-deal site like you don’t see anymore: one that only sells a daily deal.

(We’re talking about us, if that’s not clear.)

But how far back? How basic? How originally moldy? Our answer is the hottest floor-cleaning robot of 2007: the Roomba 560.

If you ask us, the good old 560 was peak Roomba. It was the moment when iRobot put together all the classic features that made Roomba Roomba - the scheduler, two virtual walls, the stair sensor, the anti-tangle technology, the fine filtration system - without any of the finicky refinements that make later Roomba models so expensive.

Hmmm: a cool, simple, fun thing gets bloated by add-on features into something complicated and pricey. Seems like we’ve heard that story before.

The Roomba 560 isn’t just for vintage Roomba collectors. (Yes, they exist. Of course they exist.) It’s a solid floor-cleaning robot with the usual limitations. Don’t expect it to clean the shag carpeting in your sheep barn. Don’t leave coils of barbed wire laying around. Let it do its thing, and it does its thing very well.

Best of all, the 560 just feels right. In your house. On your floor. As our inaugural daily deal. Welcome back, old friend. We didn’t know how much we missed you until we had our arms around you again.

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