My impulse buys finally came in handy!

Jamileigh17 thought this was worth mentioning said

So I’d picked up a few portable battery powered lighting things over the years at Meh- A long flashlight, a couple little lanterns, and a hanging light. Used very rarely, until tonight when my building had a 5 1/2 hour power outage while doing repairs on an electric substation.

I first lit a candle. Looked at it. Went, “Not unless I want 200 of those lit”. Proceeded to make my place happy with the long flashlight as the brightest one holding down the living room, staring at the ceiling like a mini torch lamp. The lanterns made the kitchen and bathroom pleasant, with the hanging lamp being the “I need to go to one of the other areas” quick grab.

Bonus fistbump to the inexhaustible pack of AA batteries.