It's that time of year again. Lets make some teachers and their students' day!


School starts locally in 2 weeks, although I know in some areas it doesn’t start until after Labor Day. My mom was a kindergarten teacher and I know each year she spend hundreds of of her own dollars to buy things needed for the classroom and kids. I grew up in a family that didn’t have much money but this was a priority because of the impact things like this make on little kids.

Last year collectively we funded a number of teachers looking for money for supplies, projects, etc. for their classroom. If you want to see last year’s thread, see:

Maybe we can band together again this year, pick teachers and projects that appeal to us, post them, and then collective fund them?

Site it here:

If you want to participate this year follow this thread. If you want please a donation request that appeals to you. Post it below. Lets see how many we can fund over the next couple of months. If we have just a few posted at once we can fund them, the original poster/someone who goes to donate and finds it is fully funded (they only get the money if it is fully funded by the deadline), can post it is funded, and we can then move on to the next one.