It's all goat (January 2023 Scapegoat Blame Thread)


So what happened was…meh. I won’t write up an excuse. You can just get straight to the blaming and let the scapegoat know how badly they messed up by causing whatever calamity was the real reason this thread wasn’t even up on the 1st.

Do me a favor though, don’t put that on @CharlieDoggo. In good boy fashion, he’s resting after much blame acceptance. No, it’s time for someone else to handle what it means to be the goat and so let’s get our pointer fingers fixed on @speediedelivery. Maybe the goatest of 2023. At least so far, anyway.

AI Goat Jan 2023

*sidegoat: These AI-generated goats are still on point so I’ll just keep with 'em. Good luck to all of you in 2023…except you @speediedelivery, you know what you did.