Infinite Regret Kit Reveal 2018-2019


I think this deserves its own thread.

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1 x Big Headache!

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Don’t know if anyone saw my post in the “Oh Em Gee - I.R.K. Shipping Thread” but it did turn out to be really, really regrettable.

After countless hours on the phone with Fed Ex because the package stopped moving, Fed Ex is telling me the package is too damaged to deliver. I told them that’s what I ordered. Please deliver it. They said tough shit, or something to that effect. Contact the shipper.

So this isn’t just meh. Or mediocre. It’s a frustratingly huge disappointment! You put the time in on the computer to nab one of these and then all the time on the phone with Fed Ex…

I have contacted customer service. No reply as of yet.

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