How many of you have an alarm system in your house?

Felton10 went on a bit of a rant said

Even though we live a in gated community (which kind of gives a false sense of security), we had one in every house we have lived in and had one installed by the builder when we built our house a little over 3 years ago. It was a bare bones system with sensors on only the doors, one motion detector and a video door bell camera. The one thing we hated was the fact that you could only access who was at the door by your phone and so it was just easier to go to the door rather than find your phone and log into the app to see who was at door.

We had always wanted to change but couldn’t until the 3 year contract the alarm co locked you into for monitoring. Fast forward three weeks ago when we saw a system including installation with ADT on sale at Costco. Ordered it that Sunday night and ADT called on Monday to sch an installation time. Got it installed about a week after we ordered it and of course in addition to what we paid Costco, we paid more than twice that to ADT to confirm it exactly the things we wanted. The extra cost were for such things as sensors on all the windows, an alarm horn to wake the neighbors, fire and CO2 sensors, inside camera and a google hub max that we can access all the cameras inside and out.

Now everything and anything that moves within camera range-it comes up on my watch-it differentiates between people, cars, animals, packages being delivered and left on our doorstep-you name it knows-even tells us if the person is someone that it has taken the picture of before. Technology run a muck. Something else to watch and laugh about as we get older.