Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 19


So. Much. Suckage. Mommy Dyson and Daddy Shark rolled right over the Plasma Lighters with an easy 27 to 17 win. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. I have to give you Plasma lovers some credit though. You kept the faith and did your thing. What’s going to happen next time when the Vacs face the Power Banks? What if you really dislike Power Banks? Are you going to hold a grudge and vote for them to spite the Vacs or will you embrace your hatred and do what you can to help the Power Banks go down?

Last time we saw them the Neoprene Cases snuck by with a measly two point win over the Chromebooks. That doesn’t bode well considering they’re going up against the Herculean Flashlights. Coming in as a number one seed, the Flashlights are expected to make a run to the finals. But what’s a tournament without some upsets? I’ll tell you what it is - it would be the end of Las Vegas and betting as we know it. Imagine if there were no upsets and all the favorites won every time. Sportsbooks would be out of business and a lot of people probably wouldn’t be paid their winnings. Think about that - a flourishing economy is actually based on all of us being a bunch of losers. Depressing way to end the week, huh? Happy Friday everyone!