Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 16


It’s here at last! The final round matchup of the round of 32 is upon us and boy do we have a doozy. But first, we have to say goodbye to that waxy goodness, Candy Corn. Drones elevated themselves above our (least?) favorite Halloween candy and flew off with a 23 to 19 win.

In the 5 year history of meh, it feels like we’ve had more Knives and Bluetooth Speakers than any other items. Mehbe @dave has an official count for us. Mehbe not. Regardless of how many thousands of each that have been sold, the only thing guaranteed besides death and taxes is that eventually we’ll be offered more of each. I dream of the day we’re offered a combination Bluetooth Speaker Knife. Imagine walking down a dark alley one evening, just humming along to your favorite song on your nifty little tune-maker, when some young hoodlum jumps out and demands you hand it over. Once upon a time you’d have willingly done so. But not with your Bluetooth Spiker. You quickly flip it over and slide out the knife. With a wild look in your eyes you threaten to carve up that little punk who quickly turns and runs for his life. You think to yourself, “I had no idea how incomplete my life was before someone brilliantly combined these things.” Unfortunately, the reality of that day seems to be far, far away. Until then, you’ll just have to accept you can only choose one…