Beautiful house, insane door

mossygreen went on a bit of a rant said

My mother has a friend who is selling his late mother’s house. It’s a gorgeous, custom-built, well-maintained mid-century ranch in a tony suburb, built for/by the architect of a local shopping mall. There aren’t any pictures of it on the internet because the last time it was sold was in the '70’s. We are both madly in love with it, even though we know it’s way too much house for us, and WAY too high-maintenance for us. So we’re not going to buy it, but we are going to dream about it, because it’s so close to perfect, except, it has this door… an outside door that… leads directly into a bathroom… and it’s glass. I don’t understand.

I can see the logic up to a point. If the original owner had kids, maybe he was thinking that if they were playing outside and got dirty, you put a bathroom in a convenient place and they won’t track dirt through the house. Or if you need to wash your dog, or bring something that needs to be cleaned into the house. And at that point, why not make it a full bath with a shower? BUT: why a door with large glass panels? What possible purpose could that serve? And how cold does that bathroom get in the winter?

My mom described it to me as, “You will love this house, but there is a door that will drive you insane.” And I was like, “Oh, a glass door that leads outside. In the bedroom? In the bathroom?” And she said, “Yes.” And I said, “Noooooooooooo.” Seriously, though: WHY?