A thank you letter. (from me)


Hello Meh.com community,

mediocrelabs community?

meh.com community,

community (sixseasonsandamovie),

In the eighth grade, I was looking for a pair of beats headphones because I was so incredibly convinced that it would make me cool. At some point during my perusing and cruising, I ran into this strange strange website. I fell in love with it instantly. I can’t tell you why, and I wasn’t even really involved with it that much at the time. But I would come back every day without having bought anything at all to hit the meh button. It’s still wild to me that I’ve made 52 posts on this website and made maybe a total of 8 purchases. I have a lot of things to apologize for, but also a lot of things to thank this community for.

I should start by properly introducing myself. Hi, I’m Amrut. I’m 19 years old (I’ve definitely lied about my age before here, although there was no need to) and a sophomore majoring in Film and Television at NYU and I’m still an absolute shithead I promise you. This website was an escape for me. I loved how intimate it felt, and you guys have truly done so much for me. The people here are absolutely fantastic (f00l, in particular, left a big impression on me but there’s an exhaustive list of characters from the time I was active here who still make lots of noise). The first time someone checked me was on this website, the first time someone made me feel truly accepted was on this website, and though my time here was short and quite odd (profanity-filled, too) it left such an impression on me that I still visit the site a few times a week just to see the goings-on.

I think it speaks volumes that a company is responsible for one of the earliest intimate relationships I had with a community, but I’m dead serious when I say that meh.com is something special. One leg-end isn’t going to make or break the community, there’s plenty of them to go around. The gags you guys have, the connection to one another, and the love for such a wondrous daily deal website in the middle of it all have captured me for 6 (or 7? bad at math art major) years now. I still keep my pin from Irk, I slept on the pillow timmyboy1 sent me for so long and got it so dirty that my mom had to literally get rid of it while I was away from home just so she wouldn’t face my complaining about her removal of it. The drum kit that I bought on here is what I made my first song with (I already played guitar, the kit was just the push is all). It’s hard to characterize my observing for the last few years as just standing by and idly watching because I’ve felt as if I’m still involved in the community, even though I’ve been so quiet for so long that most people have likely forgotten about me. This is my thank you to you all, and though I probably owe you a better one I don’t think I can go another day without expressing my gratitude. You guys made this leg end a full leg.

Thank you.