A Goat Walks into a Bar... Dec 2016 Goat Nomination Thread



So I know that last month I said I wasn’t going to start anymore goat nomination threads due to the cheating.

As it turns out, cheating occurred again last month, although @jbartus came up with a workaround to detect ballot stuffers who mimic mehmbers names.

However, due to the fact that even though @snapster won the popular vote, I was still designated the goat because even though they could vote on goats, Meh staff apparently can’t become goats.

Of course though, I’m a space bending penguin, so I fixed my profile to reflect that:

Long story short, meh employees don’t play fair, and I WILL get even.

That being said, to quote myself from last month:

Anyways, it’s time to nominate/vote for a new goat.

Feel free to nominate and/or vote. I don’t really care. I get paid either way.

Let the voting commence (or not)!

To those who will complain that this is too early:

  1. I’m not here for most of Saturday
  2. Last month I started the thread 6 data before the end of the month. That’s what today is.