Fuck Cheaters - Star-Voting Anti-Cheat Mod for meh.com


Hello everybody, as you may recall I know a thing or two about coding for the web. We have some no good dirty rotten cheaters ruining our fun with the Meh Scapegoat election process so I put this little three line style together to make identifying false voters easier like some people were seeking official help for. Here it is.

Installation Instructions

Implementing this theme requires a User Style browser extension/add-on/plugin like Stylish. These instructions will specifically relate to using Stylish with Google Chrome, other browsers should be similar.

  1. Install Stylish ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari )
  2. Install Star-Voting Anti-Cheat
  3. Boil the Tar, Pluck the Feathers, Light the Torches, and Sharpen the Pitchforks.