8 Underrated Cooking Competition Shows!


My fellow A-Meh-ricans: Sean here, back with a few more recommendations. First, we did podcasts, then police procedurals. This week, we’re sticking with TV, but looking towards the culinary. Do you love Chopped and Iron Chef? Then you’ll love some of these lesser-known cooking competition shows!

1. Bachelor Bake-Off

Five single recent college graduates compete in the ultimate baking challenge: making sugar cookies. Who will win? None of them! Because none of them have flour!

2. Bird Watching

What’s harder than plucking, preparing, brining, and cooking the perfect bird? Plucking, preparing, brining, and cooking the perfect bird while an audience of birds watches you!

3. Cupfake Wars

The judges believe they’re judging a real cupcake making competition, but the bakers aren’t making cupcakes. They’re using mirrors, smoke machines, hypnosis, and the latest in virtual reality and 3d printing to create the illusion of a cupcake. Whoever can trick the judges wins!

4. Dethrone The Scrampion

Ricky “The Yolk Whisperer” Gate is known for two things: his tattoos and his wild unorthodox egg-scrambling techniques. Now, he’s opening up his kitchen to talented chefs from around the globe to see if anyone can challenge his right to the title of scrambled egg world champion. Come for the fierce competition! stay for the liberal use of Gate’s catchphrase: “Hey you, scram!”

5. Three-To-One, Chi For Fun

One chef has a hand tied behind his back. The other is equipped with, and forced to use, a third animatronic arm without any training on how it functions. But which one will make the best kimchi?

6. Do You S.M.E.A.R. What I Smear?

Modeled after H.O.R.S.E. in basketball, four of the most renowned cream cheese artists in New York City come together each week, challenging each other with a series of decadent smear-related stunts!

7. Taste Therapy

The judges from Cupfake Wars are back, but this time they’re the contestants, competing through a series of therapeutic cooking exercises to repair their fractured perceptions of reality! Whoever believes in food again first wins!

8. Infinite Kitchen

Each week, celebrity chef Dale Holden makes his signature sweet potato gnocchi in zesty cream sauce, and each week, noted mage Thorlan the Majestic reduces the dish through a series of spells back to its base ingredients. Every episode, the cycle begins anew. It is unending. There are no winners. There is only gnocchi.

Those are mine! Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite cooking competition shows?