7 Great Police Procedurals to Stream NOW!


Hi, all! Sean here, back with some more recommendations. Last time, we talked podcasts. Now, we’re looking at TV. I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute junkie when it comes to police procedurals. And with this being the golden age of television, there are more to choose from than ever! Here are my top seven new detective dramas to stream TODAY!

1. Not A Cop

Darryl is not a cop, so when criminals ask him if he’s a cop, he can answer honestly that he is not a cop, which might just make him the ultimate cop.

2. The Coast Isn’t Clear

Detective Sheryl Hane needs a break from working homicide on the gristly streets of Philadelphia, so she books a two week stay at a charming bed-and-breakfast in the British seaside village of Ffordfforshirre. It’s rustic and quiet, the perfect getaway! Then, one night, Hane’s host, Mrs. Hardybutton, offers her pudding but instead brings a piece of apple cake. The detective can’t help but wonder, what other lies might be hiding under the town’s quant veneer?

3. Mobes

Cormac Mobes is a drunk, a drug addict, a womanizer, a deadbeat dad, a gambler, a cheat, and he also just happens to be the best damn detective in all of Baltimore’s brother (who the show is actually about).

4. Cheese Inspector

“One last case.” That’s what cheese inspector Donna Holmes tells her daughter before responding to an anonymous tip in the middle of the night concerning an issue involving sharp cheddar being packaged as extra sharp cheddar. Little does she know it will be the case of a lifetime!

5. Coo Detective

Following detectives Woody Pecker Harrelson and Matthew McCAWnaughey as they investigate a murder (of crows), this series is being hailed as the best bird-related police procedural since C.H.I.R.P.S.

6. Checkmate

Hillary Torrence and Clyde Merrick are masters of the chessboard, but they couldn’t be more different. Torrence is a veritable socialite, out all night at the clubs, even before important early morning chess tournaments. Merrick’s idea of nightlife, on the other hand, is sneaking a mug of green tea into the rare books wing of the public library for an evening of meditation. But what happens when you team them up and put them in charge of catching a serial killer whose calculated moves follow the pattern of a famous chess match from the 1960s? In the words of Police Chief Alex Horner: “Honestly, not much progress, and a lot of paperwork errors.”

7. Detective Murder

Is it just a coincidence that a homicide detective would have the last name “Murder”? Yes, and actually it’s pronounced Mwer-door.

Those are mine! Now, tell me about yours!