8 Awesome New Podcasts!


Hello, all! I’m Sean, former Woot writer and current author of several short stories. @dave asked me to put together some stuff for the Meh community, so you’ll see me on here from time-to-time, dishing out piping-hot Fresh Content®. We’ll get things rolling with a few recommendations. Here are 8 hot new podcasts to subscribe to TODAY!

1. Trowel & Towel, Talkin’ Fowl

Renee Hutchins, a gardener, partners with Tobias Hornets, a dealer of fine absorbent fabrics, to provide a fresh take on the most important poultry-related issues of the past, present, and future.

2. Broken Link

In each season of this exciting new pod, journalist Thaylen Aimes investigates a single broken link, trying to discern where it was supposed to lead and what went wrong. Gripping, suspenseful, and often heartbreaking, Broken Link is an artful examination of URL corruption and error message culture.

3. We Just Bought A Mic

Verified Twitter celebrities @liz4liscious (Liza Schaefer) and @EM_ForeSTAR (Cory Bebbins) get together twice a month to discuss such burning questions as: wait, does my voice really sound like that; and why is there that weird popping noise whenever I say a word with a ‘p’ in it?

4. Forty-Nine Minutes of Nothing But Raspy Laughter

What makes host Paulio Clark and the rotating panel of comedians start laughing before they hit record? That’s the mystery will keep you coming back every week!

5. The Straight Shit On Estuaries

In the opening episode of this endearingly abrasive new podcast, host (and former Torque Stain bassist) Tripp Donaldsin warns that, “…this ain’t no pussy-footed estuary bullshit to play for Grandma on the way to the denture store.” And he means it. Each seven hour installment is chock full of the sort of hard-hitting estuary facts that your high school geography teachers didn’t want you to know about!

6. This American Leaf

A fun though mildly derivative weekly storytelling pod wherein each episode is split into three thematically related acts concerning United States horticulture!

7. Razor Learn

Unlike the many shave-casts out there helmed by professional shavers who give long-winded highly-technical shaving lectures, Razor Learn is hosted by two eager and excitable amateurs—Abigail Bradley and Doug Hopkins—who aren’t afraid to answer all your shaving questions clearly and without the condescension so typical of the genre.

8. Test_Upload.mp3

From the people who brought you, We Just Bought A Mic, this highly conceptual micropod so far consists of just one 8-second episode in which @liz4liscious can be heard saying, “Is it working?” But even if that’s all it yields, it’ll be worth it for the off-air performance art component, with both Schaefer and Bebbins playing the parts of technically-illiterate podcasters who “uploaded that file as a test,” and now “want to delete it,” only they “don’t know how.” Alt-comedy at its best!

Those are my new favorites. Now, tell me about yours!