Zing 2-Pack Zax Axe Throwing Game with Target

  • The sharp part of the axes are suction-cups
  • You can still knock a whole bunch of stuff over with these, so be careful
  • Teach your kids the skills they’ll need to excel at corporately mandated bonding experiences later in life
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  • What about those who prefer their games to be point-and-click adventures: well, you’re out of luck, but you can get some rad shirts to celebrate classics of the genre, head over to Mediocritee
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The Cycle of Fun

It’s an interesting cycle.

Children enjoy the freedom to be reckless, fun-loving insane people. Then, eventually, they grow up. But that reckless fun-loving energy still lives inside them. And sometimes they need an outlet for that energy, preferably one that can be done at a bar on a Friday night. So, new novelty businesses pop up. And then, after some time, these adult activities, built to help them release their inner child, are adapted so they can be enjoyed by actual children.

Like this axe-throwing game, which would make a super fun, simple gift for your kids this holiday season. It allows your children to engage in the dangerous activity of heaving a sharp thing at a target, but minus the sharp part. (There is still the heaving, which we guess makes this somewhat dangerous? But c’mon, your kids aren’t gonna want to play something that doesn’t have at least the potential for disaster.)

But, getting back to what we were discussing above: what’s funny is that your kids will grow up playing suction axe-throwing, but by the time they’re adults, there will be some new goofy “fun” activity that will be all the rage.

And we have some predictions as to what that activity might be:

  • Shooting empty cans off pedestals using a mini potato gun
  • Pinatas, but filled with little bottles of booze and designed so they can only be broken open with skillfully deployed Krav Maga moves
  • Apple chuckin’ (literally just throwing apples)
  • Knife fights but with decorative corn cobs instead of knives
  • A chamber of angry bees and dollar bills (grab what you can!)
  • Whole raw onion eating contests
  • Timed dish-unloading from a super hot dishwasher

Do these sound stupid? Sure do! But then again, doesn’t making a bar where you chuck axes at stuff sound pretty stupid, too?

Stupid fun that is!

And now, for the whole family!

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