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Vremi 16oz Hot/Cold Double Walled Insulated Bottle

  • Insulated, so they’ll keep your hot stuff hot and your cold stuff cold
  • If you want to heat up cold stuff or cool down hot stuff, that’s on you
  • Great for stocking stuffers or for enjoying hot coffee for the entire drive home for the holidays
  • Model: VRM020300N, VRM is short for VRRROOOOMMM! because it’s off to the races with these! The races of… uhh… drinking stuff
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Seven Easy Steps

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Buy a bunch of these Vremi Hot/Cold Double Walled Insulated Bottles.

  2. Keep a single one for yourself.

  3. Pack all of them when you head home for the holidays.

  4. Fill the one you’re keeping for yourself with hot coffee for the long drive. This way, you won’t have to stop for a cup of gas station coffee, which is a) sludgy and gross, and b) approximately 2000 degrees (which would be particularly dangerous in these things, since they keep stuff hot for 12 hours–i.e. about how long it takes to drive from Chicago to New York City–so basically it wouldn’t be cool enough to drink for an entire day’s worth of driving).

  5. When you arrive, add booze of your choice to remaining coffee in preparation for cold-weather stuck-inside stir-crazy family time. If you finished your coffee, just make a cocktail, hot or cold.

  6. Give the remaining bottles as stocking stuffers to your family members so that they can perform these same steps next year.

  7. Also, gift everyone a delightful seasonal cat shirt from Mediocritee. You can get two of them for $21, and they’re only on sale through tomorrow morning!

What does that last step have to do with the bottles? Nothing! But friends, we never promised to stay on topic.

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