Voza Over-Ear Electrostatic Hybrid Hi-Res Headphones and Bonus Earbuds

  • Electrostatic hybrid means, basically, very very clear sound
  • These are big wired headphones
  • Fewer people will talk to you when you’re wearing them (hopefully)
  • You get a nice built-in mic, too, but it’s detachable
  • (Not exactly sure how something is both built-in and detachable)
  • You also get a pair of wired high-res Voza earbuds too
  • Enough wired hardware to fill 4 whole ears with music!
  • Model: H34D5-UP
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Big Sound

Earbuds! They keep getting smaller!

Or, well, not exactly. Like, it’ll never get to the point where they’re tiny enough to fall all the way into your ear. Because that would be terrible! You’d spend the rest of your life wondering: did I just have an original thought, or is there a podcast playing in my brain?

Wow. Jeez. That got weird.

So where were we: oh, right! Earbuds! They’re small! And now they’re less adorned than ever. The wires, your old earbuds’ way of conveying to those around you that you’re listening to something, are gone. For most of them, at least. Not all of them. For example, we are literally including a pair of wired earbuds in this sale. And they’re actually really good.

But anyway, if you wear wireless earbuds, then Ted? You know, from the sales? The one who likes to tell you all about his weekend excursions with his two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Miffy and Ogden? Well, with wireless earbuds, he’s just gonna start talking to you before you even have a chance to pause that totally banging new Islands album.

On the other hand, these over-ear Vozas we’re selling today? He can’t miss them! Because they’re BIG!

And to be clear, we’ve put this hypothetical in a workplace for an obvious reason: it’s one of the rare places where headphone jacks still abound. Because these are not Bluetooth. That being said, if you’ve got some sort of music player that still has that sweet aux-in, then you can use these to avoid being talked to on the bus, the train, walking down the street, anywhere really!

Awesome, right?

Now to get technical. These are pretty similar to the other electrostatic hybrid headphones we’ve previously sold. Same company. Same guts. Same sound quality. Different look. If you haven’t seen any of those sales, though, here’s a quick explanation of what electrostatic means from Reddit user Obokan:

The fact that the drivers use static charge to vibrate a piece of electrically conductive sheet makes them extremely resolving, clear. They don’t have the problem other transducers typically have with moving their heavy and stiff masses around.

But these are not fully electrostatic. Otherwise, they’d cost about $500. Still, the result is about the same: very clear sound. Like, really super clear sound. Like, such clear sound that it kind of weirds some people out.

But again, it’s all about the heft and the visibility with these things! You don’t even need to listen to anything! You just need something that says, “I’m not available to listen to you”!

Okay, we’re not honestly suggesting you spend $49 on a prop. You should definitely use them for listening. We’re just saying: they’re useful in more ways than one. So buy a pair! And get some earbuds with them!

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