Trifo Emma Multi-Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner with WiFi and 110-Minute Runtime

  • Delightful robot name
  • Powerful specs
  • A brief glimpse into the level of technology all things should be by now
  • App-connected; program and control right from your phone
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The future is now(ish).

We love that robot vacuums are a thing.

It’s like the vacuum makers are one of very few industries actually delivering on the promises of the 21st century as we expected it to be.

Flying cars? Nope. Holodecks? Yeah right.

Being able to digitally overlay puppy graphics over our faces in real time? Um. Fine? Didn’t really ask for that, but okay, fair enough.

But in the face of our boring cars and clunky virtual reality and troublingly-provocative dog selfies, we absolutely do have totally effective robot vacuums that will whir around our houses and clean the floors autonomously.

Of course, some robot vacuums that we won’t mention right now are still disappointingly clunky—navigating inefficiently around the room by bumping into things and then turning around like a blind but also not very clever house cat.

Not Emma, though.

On top of having a delightful name like a proper robot should, it actually has smart navigation that will properly learn its way around like a piece of 2020 technology should.

It takes some delightful styling for a look that matches the cute name and this little robotic creature, well…looks pretty much the same as the others. Maybe 15 percent more stylish if we’re being honest with ourselves.

But that’s not the point. It’s got an adorable name and a nice enough look and—most important—it works great.

Control it with your phone. Enjoy a dust bin that’s almost twice as big as the competition. Bliss out with over 90 minutes of operating time between charges. Oh and as far as suction goes, it’s properly powerful.

It’s all pretty great. But it does beg an important question: why is this thing only $125?

Okay, full disclosure time.

The Emma robot falls dramatically short on a number of 21st century expectations brought to us by pop culture and science fiction alike.

It doesn’t hover. Would be cool if it hovered, but…it doesn’t hover.

It doesn’t talk back. Yes—you can absolutely talk to your Emma robot, but it’s not going to talk back. Sorry about that.

Finally, its cleaning capacity is robust, but it’s effective operating area is pretty much limited to the bottom one inch of a room. It’s a floor cleaning robot. It isn’t going to vacuum the couch or the drapes.

Can you live with that? Hundred and twenty-five bucks.

Welcome to the occasionally underwhelming future.

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