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Trifo Ironpie M6 or M6+ Live Streaming Visual Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Uses on-board camera to maneuver through your home and quietly judge you.
  • Visualizes the layout of your floor plan for maximum efficiency and gives you a map so you can tell it where to go.
  • Works on hard floors and most carpet, but not lava and certainly not that shag rug you really should have gotten rid of by now.
  • The M6+ comes with a water tank & pads for mopping, the M6 does not.
  • No natural predators - this camera tech is proprietary and was launched at CES 2019.
  • Model: IRONPIE which seems less like a real model number and more like a hashtag Tony Stark would use when eating baked goods.
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Suck It Up

So let’s get this straight. We live in a futuristic wonderland where a semi-sentient floor robot can vacuum your house and you just…don’t have one yet?

Flying cars and hover boards are really running behind in the grand arc of technological progress, but we get consolation prizes like streaming TV services and pocket-sized supercomputers that can tweet from the bathroom. And aforementioned robot vacuums.

This is the kind of 21st Century craziness that used to be pure science fiction and you can now buy at a department store (if you’re a sucker) or from an irreverently named daily deal website (if you’re a savvy shopper who has great taste in music and probably looks pretty good naked).

Nowadays not only are there robot vacuum cleaners, but there are a variety on the market to choose from. They’re not all the same. The Ironpie maps the layout of your home to clean as efficiently as possible, meaning that you won’t have to watch it bounce aimlessly from wall to wall like that old DVD logo screensaver.

It also has on onboard camera that not only helps the little guy navigate, but can also be used as your own remote security camera. Realistically this will probably just give you footage of somebody stealing the robot vacuum you sent after them while they pilfered your TV, but whatever, we can’t all be Robocop.

In any case, you absolutely need a robot servant cleaning up after you and this is the one to get. You deserve it. Make it so.

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