TravelSmart by Conair Travel Bundle

  • Two bags (duffel and backpack)… that can be packed inside of OTHER BAGS!
  • A luggage scale so you can head to the airport knowing you’re not over the limit
  • A travel adapter so you can plug your stuff in abroad
  • A travel pillow because why not
  • Favorite Edmonton Oilers center: Conair McDavid
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Travel Better

Marvin, wearing his travel pillow on his neck, made his way to the bag-check counter. Be cool, Marv, said the voice in his head. Just be cool.

He wanted to look down at his watch, check his heart rate, but no, he wouldn’t. Not for the fourth time in about two minutes.

“Good afternoon, sir,” said the agent when his turn came. “How many bags would you like to check today?”

Immediately, a sheen of sweat formed on Marvin’s brow. “What a peculiar question. The number of bags I would like to check? Why, have a look. In your estimation, how many bags do I have that require checking?”

The agent looked. “One? It appears you have one?”

“Yes! It certainly appears that way! So that shall be the number I will check!” Marvin said, a little too loudly. “And rest assured, regardless of its contents, it meets the weight requirements. I know because I used my luggage scale to ensure as much.”

The agent blinked. “Sir, is everything okay?”

“Oh, everything is fine,” Marvin said. He took his phone out and opened a voice memo app. “Just please, for the record, in case I need this, would you say again the initial question? The one about the number of bags?”

“How many bags would you like to check?” the agent offered, tentatively.

“Exactly,” Marvin said, leaning close to the microphone himself. “How many bags I would like to check. Not how many bags are currently, at this moment, in my possession, whether visible or not. Let the court find this evidence satisfactory if need be.”

“Sir, if you’ve got bags packed inside your bag–” the gate agent began.

“What? Huh? Who said anything about that?” Marvin stammered.

“–that’s fine.”

“Wait,” Marvin said. “Really?”

“Of course,” said the agent. “You can bring bags with you. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Even if it’s two additional bags: a packable duffel and a backpack?” Marvin asked.

“Absolutely,” the agent said.

“And what if–” Marvin leaned in close. “–I’ve acquired a device with which to steal electricity from my hotel abroad and use it to charge my American devices?”

“Like a travel adapter?” the agent said.

Marvin held up his hands. “You said it! Not me!”

The agent sighed. “Let’s just get your luggage checked, shall we, sir?”

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