Meh exchange update

Star2236 went on a bit of a rant said

So are we going to have a meh exchange this year? Yes! I’m going to run it.(I should get a special prize just for offering lol)
Here’s the dilemma, some people don’t want to use elfster but I can’t find another generator that lets me send out a link for people to sign up as opposed to emailing people to sign up bc that’s a lot of work and I’m not doing it (I’ll misspell everyone’s usernames, leave people out, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen).
So if anyone can find a better platform than elfster that, sends out an invitation link, has a wishlist (so you can get a sense of the person) and has a way for me to know when the person sent the gift, please let me know.
If no one comes up with anything, then I’ll use elfster and I plan to set up and send out the invitation link next week. I’ll go over all the rules and everything in that post. But I plan to have it up for about a week before we draw names so check back in the next week to sign up so we don’t have redraw name bc of your late sign up.