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TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device

  • Attach a TrackR token to your stuff, and you can make it ding from your phone.
  • You can also make your phone ring from your token (this is all using the app).
  • There are maps, there’s a network of TrackR users, etc.
  • Seriously, think of a time when you would’ve paid a dollar just to find your lost keys. That’s what we’re offering.
  • We’ve upped the max purchase number to 4 for this one, btw.
  • Model: 0N-TR4CK3R.
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With or Without You

Without a TrackR

Where are your keys?

Are they in the pants you wore yesterday?

Wait, did you wear those pants yesterday? Or did you wear those pants yesterday?

Oh, that’s right: you wore one pair, but then you changed into another pair because you had to go out.

Or is that what you did the day before yesterday?

Okay, the keys are in neither pair of the pants.

Did you check the couch?

How about the table?

How about between the couch cushions, and under the table, or under the stack of mail on the table, or halfway down the stack of mail on the table, given that the stack of mail on the table is actually the stack of mail from yesterday piled on top of the stack of mail from the day before?

Wait, didn’t you wear shorts yesterday?

Maybe your keys fell out of your pants into the hamper, and maybe you did a load of laundry, so maybe your keys are in the washer or the dryer, or the basket of clean laundry, or somewhere between here and the washing and the dryer (if they fell out of the hamper that they maybe fell into).

There’s only one solution: to clean the entire house (or as much of the house it takes before you find the keys).

With a TrackR

Where are your keys?

Better pull out your phone and open the TrackR app and hit the button.

Okay, that ding means they’re in the other room.

Found 'em!

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