Toshiba 14,000 BTU Smart Wi-Fi Portable A/C & Dehumidifier (Refurbished)

  • Can you remember a time when the problem was that there was TOO MUCH heat and humidity in the air?
  • We don’t either. But we’re told these conditions exist and will return.
  • And this thing can help with that.
  • It has 24-hour timer and seasonally adjustable cooling capacity.
  • It also connects to wifi so you can control it from across the world!
  • Or when you’re at work.
  • Model: RAC-PD1411CRU, because you’re about to RACk up some Premiumly Dank-air 4 your CRU (crew). Look, it doesn’t work perfectly, but it works, okay?
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Dry Again Later

Let me get this straight: we’re selling something to cool things down and lower the humidity? In the dead of winter?

I don’t know where you live, but where I am, the idea of a machine for reducing temperature and humidity sounds like a torture device right now. Yesterday, I wore a sweater to bed… under another sweater. Every time I step outside to walk my dog, he looks at me as if he’s being punished. My palms and fingers are so dry and cracked, I could be a hand model for funeral jewelry. Just about every other day my wife will say, ‘you’ve got a little something on your face,’ and it turns out that what I have on my face are pieces of my face falling off of my face. And that’s even with regular application of the healing slime known as lotion.

So why would anyone buy an air conditioner/dehumidifier now? For the same reason it’s smart to shop for winter coats in the middle of the summer: because you can get a killer deal.

Yesterday, the high here was a negative number. That’s the kind of cruel joke played by nature that can erase the memory. The concept of sweat, of heat so strong it’s hazy, of basement walls slick with condensation, of doors unable to close because they’re too tubby with moisture–these things feel almost like science fiction at the moment, like something you might’ve seen in a movie that got a little cute with the world-building.

But those months will return, and when they do, Big A/C and Dehumidifier will have you over a barrel (of water [collected from the air]).

Take this refurbished Toshiba: it’s got a 24-hour timer, seasonally adjustable cooling capacity, and thanks to its wi-fi connectivity can be controlled by way of a smartphone app or Alexa… and thanks to those features, you’ll probably have to pay some 200 some more dollars for a new one if you decide to wait a few months. That is if they’re even available. That’s the other thing about shopping for stuff out of season: you’re not competing with everyone else to get what you want.

So, why not buy it now? If you can use it right away, great! Otherwise, stash it in your basement. Then, come May or June, it’ll be like you got yourself a new toy! A big, boring, practical toy.

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