ToiletTree Products Grey Nose Trimmer with LED Light

  • Lightweight and portable, so you can be nose-hair-less whether you’re at home or on vacation
  • Can also do your ears
  • Has an LED light so you can see deep into your nostrils and/or ears
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: Nope, just Brooklyn Nets Grey (gotta admire that they found the perfect color to reflect their team’s personality, right?)
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Tiny Trim

In most areas of the body, hair is more than just hair.

The hair that grows on our head, the hair that grows on our face–we use this to establish our personal sense of style. Of course, the same style can mean different things for different people. A close-cropped head of hair, a mullet, a big beard, a mustache–none of these things signify just a single personality type. But they say something.

Same goes for how we maintain the hair in our armpits, the hair on our chest, the hair on our back, the hair on our arms, our legs, and in regions we won’t discuss today (because we’re not selling a ball trimmer). All of it makes a statement about our own personal preferences and outlook, whether we know we’re making that statement or not.

Hair in your nose, though? It’s more than just hair too! Except… not in a fun way.

As in: it’s not just hair. It’s also a huge discomfort, an unsightly mess, and moreover, a sort of spider’s web that only seems to snag big golden boogers, ones that hang there, just deep enough that they can’t be wiped way but not so deep that they go unobserved. It’s not a statement or a personal expression. It’s just plain gross.

Thankfully, they make products you can use to deal with nose hair. Like this thing.

With a base that looks sort of like a sonic toothbrush and a tip that resembles something pit crews might use to change a tire, the ToiletTree Nose Hair Trimmer is designed to travel with ease right up your schnozzola and cut back the hedges. Additionally, you can use in your ears, another place where hair is especially obnoxious.

Plus, there’s an LED light, so you can really see what you’re doing in there. Presumably.

In other words, for about 4 bucks, you get something to clean away the hair that provides little beyond frustration.

Not bad, huh?

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