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Tenergy Pluvi 2.5L Humidifier with Extra Filter

  • Tired of dry, stinky, stagnant winter air?
  • This thing deals with all of that
  • It’ll distribute humidity quickly and diffuse essential oil to keep your house smelling fuh-resh
  • Model: TAH02, because (T)his’s (A) (H)humidifier, and also a (02)nd thing too (a diffuser)
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Winter Stinks

Cooking is especially fun in the winter because your entire house is shuttered and closed off. So you cook a nice spaghetti dinner for yourself on a weekend night, go out with some friends, and when you get back? It’s like, whoa, excuse me, did I get the address wrong? Have I wandered into some sort of five star authentic Italian restaurant?

And hell, it might even happen again the next morning! Because, like we said, that air’s not going anywhere, baby!

But you know what else is in that air? You. And your significant other. Or your roommates. Or your dogs. Or your cats and their indoor sand toilets. Or any number of other things that are constantly producing smells. We’re talking just giant clouds of stale stank hovering low over every piece of furniture, every carpet, every bed in your house, undetected. By you, at least.

Your friends, though? They’re going to walk in and say, “Why does it stink in here?” At least, that’s if they’re good friends. Most of them are going to think Yikes, this place reeks, and silently judge you.

And really, it’s not just other people that your foul odors affect. No way. Even if you can’t smell it at all anymore, nasty stagnant air is not great for your mood. Nor is air that’s super dry. Remember how we started this thing talking about how fun it is to cook? Well, it gets a lot less fun when you can’t grip a knife without your brittle knuckles cracking open.

Which is all to say: you need a Tenergy Pluvi 2.5L Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser. Is it the ultimate cure for cabin fever? Probably not. But, by moistening the air and keeping things smelling pleasant, it might just make you a bit less miserable to be stuck inside these next couple months.

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