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Swiffer - ContinuousClean™ Air Cleaning System (Gen 2.0)

  • A Swiffer to sweep the dust that hasn’t even landed yet
  • It’s quiet as it goes to work totally fucking up dust and stuff in the air
  • It’s not a full blown air purifier, but it’s also way cheaper than one
  • Model: 5W1FFT-JU5T1C3
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Another Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!

In honor of this Swiffer Continous Air Cleaning System (sweeping the air so you can sweep the floor less) and “Spread The Love” (two hilarious PB&J-related designs currently for sale over at Mediocritee) we present:

Another Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!

Thus concludes:

Another Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!

(This design and another are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!)

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