4-Pack Stayhold Medium Cargo Holders with Quick Straps

  • You get four of the Medium Cargo Holders and four of the Quick Straps
  • What are those?
  • They’re things that’ll keep your cargo from flying everywhere in your trunk, whether we’re talking cans of paint or the week’s groceries
  • Grippy teeth on bottom grip things
  • Save yourself some headache!
  • Model: 5L4M-TRUNK
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Trunk Madness

Happy tourney day, everyone! While we’d love to use this space to talk about Cade Cunningham’s potential, or mourn the already busted brackets out there, unfortunately, we’ve got products to sell.

Namely, this Stayhold Cargo Shopping Holder Set.

Now, it happens to everyone Sooner or later: you’re getting a little Cavalier zigging and Gonzagging through some road construction, only to make a sharp turn and hear an entire Creighton of canned Hawk-eyed peas tumble over in your trunk.

And that’s not the worst! Imagine you’re listening to a great narrative podcast, and there comes a major twist. We’re talking a real Shocker here, one so intense Uconn’t help but slam on the breaks, sending those whole frozen Ducks you bought rolling onto your supply of Colgate toothpaste, crushing it into your trunk’s carpet. Why, that’d leave you in a real Rutger, the complete opposite of a champagne Villanova in the sky!

Okay, how many teams are left? REALLY?! That many?!

You know what, we’re ditching the bit and getting right down to business. These are basically little movable wall-and-strap-things that you can set up to keep your cargo upright. That means, you can drive your bags of groceries or cans of paint or precious vases or what have you home without worrying that a sharp turn won’t send them flying all over your trunk.

And did we mention we’ll send you four of the medium-sized Sidekicks (the wall things) and four of the Quick Straps (the combo strap thingys) for just $25?

Seriously, we cannot Ohio-ver State this: that’s one heck of a deal!

(Look, we’re sorry. Please buy these so we can afford the Paramount+ subscription we need to watch the Madness.)

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