Sharper Image Messenger Bag with Power Bank

  • It’s a cross-body messenger bag with a dark secret
  • Which is that it has a bunch of pockets inside and out, included one padded interior pocket
  • Oh, wait, sorry, it’s the charging part
  • It carries 2 hours of charge, that’s the secret (although not really)
  • Model: SI497022, but does that mean that this is the 497022nd product Sharper Image has put out? Because that seems low
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Times Change

Must be weird to be Sharper Image in 2019.

Like, this would be the perfect Sharper Image product… thirty years ago. Seriously? A slick crossbody bag? With a battery inside for charging stuff? That’s exactly the kind of thing that would’ve gotten a hearty guffaw and a “what will they think of next?” from the Sharper Image catalogue browsers of the 80s and 90s.

But now? It’s totally run-of-the-mill. Not that it’s a bad bag. Actually, it looks pretty cool, if you ask us. It’s got a bunch of pockets inside and out, including a padded one, and it can give you two hours of charge.

It’s just that we sell stuff like this all the time from a variety of different brands.

And that’s gotta be weird for them, right?

For so long, they were the brand to beat in the delightfully impractical bullshit industry. They were getting coverage in major news outlets by manufacturing things like Gregory, “a lifelike, portable mannequin who deters crime by his strong, masculine appearance.”

But now? There are hundreds of companies out there making dumb stuff like devices that can read aloud the day’s weather report while brewing you a single cup of coffee, or floating bluetooth speakers that are also slowly disintegrating bath bombs, or what have you.

So what do you do, if you’re the Sharper Image? Do you try and outpace these newcomers? No way. Attempting to do so would be foolish. These young companies are too feisty. They have nothing to lose. So instead maybe you turn towards making tech-y stuff that’s cool but pretty ubiquitous at this point. Like a nice charging bag.

Although, that kinda seems sad. And this bag isn’t sad. It’s good. So, let’s try this: it’s more like when an aging punk rock star puts out a really dope folk album.

Does that work?

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