This or That, Day 2


So apparently yesterday some folks were a little confused. Well, I’m sor… Nah, who am I kidding?! Confused or not, there was some great conversation and some…interesting…statements, admissions, confessions, and even an indignant huffing. Some expected one thing and got another. Others thought that I was making things up as I went. Others were, well, themselves.

Well, now that I have you off your guard and perhaps a little “Mad”, it’s perfect timing for a discussion about one of my favorite characters, Mad Max.

Today’s simple choice:
Mel Gibson

or Tom Hardy

And no, there’s no easy way out by clicking a star. THAT won’t be repeated again. I won’t be tallying as I really don’t care about opinions, other than to make fun of the wrong ones. I know the right answer and that’s all that matters. Though if I did do that math from yesterday, I believe Irk won by something exceeding eleventy-billion.