This or That Day 1


Well how appropriate that the first deal of the month is thusly named!

In an effort to provide both entertainment and a forum for controversy, I present 30 days of

And right off the bat you’ll note I am forcing you into 2 categories and I know there will be incessant whining that there are simply not enough choices, to which I say .

You elected me, so this is what you get. No I didn’t get more than 50% of the popular vote, but just like in our national elections, that doesn’t matter. No “not my Goat” bellyaching allowed here!

The rules (no, this is NOT like that former Goat that shall remain nameless who thought s/he could define their own terms of Goatdom!) are simple: I’ll post a giphy or two and present two choices for preferences. You can then express your opinions (if there’s anything I’ve observed in the 4 months I’ve been here, it’s that THAT is something this group excels at!) and I’ll comment, or not. Either way, fun ensues!

There should be a little bit here for everyone. If not, well

Here to get you started, we’ll present perhaps the most controversial choice of all, more than Republican or Democrat, impeach or farce, climate change or climate hoax, Christmas or Xmas, or any of a number of other topics we won’t get into here (we’ll save at least one of those for @Mehrocco_Mole’s administration). No, today we begin with

or .