Shark Apex DuoClean Lift-Away Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Powerfins Brushroll

  • A high-end vacuum from a high-end brand name with a high-end retail price but for a mid-range Meh price.
  • Self-cleaning brush roll (for the hair)
  • Anti-allergen Complete Seal HEPA filtration
  • Lift-away pod for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Active glide for superior maneuverability
  • Can it make a margarita? Ingredients go in the canister, set to…you know what, probably not.
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Jumping the Shark

Ooh, look. A Shark product!

Shark makes totally serviceable vacuums but also managed to not lose their minds and start thinking that a really good floor cleaner should cost $500 just because it happens to be a rudimentary autonomous robot or because the founder has a charming enough accent that he can go in the commercials.

Speaking of which, that Dyson guy is a knight now. Surely luxury home cleaning products are exactly what the Templars had in mind when they started handing out swords or whatever. We hear he’s a tax cheat, too, but he also sues people for writing stuff like that so we’ll just say that we at Meh don’t have a shell corporation headquartered in Malta but we’re sure there are plenty of legitimate reasons to do so.

Anyways, Shark is the company that doesn’t offer overpric—holy shit, today’s deal retails for $459.99.

Fonzie might have jumped the shark, but Shark has clearly…jumped…Fonzie? Something like that. There’s an analogy to be had somewhere. Maybe help us out in the comments.

Regardless, forget that thing we said about high-end expensive vacuums being a bleak symptom of late-stage capitalism and a cynical platitude handed out to glossy-eyed upper-middle-class suburb-dwellers trying to fill holes in their hearts with overpriced consumer goods. Because all of that is only true if you’re paying retail, and if you were doing that we’d honestly suggest you at least buy from the company with the charming British founder fellow.

But all the high-end functionality for just $159.99? A whole $300 off? Now you’re talking.

Basically, Shark used a designer who doesn’t even have a knighthood and passed the savings on to you.


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