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Rowkin Ascent Micro or Charge+ Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds (Refurbished)

  • Choose between the micro and the Charge+.
  • Both pairs are truly wireless with touch controls. Both pairs come with portable USB-C charging cases. Both pair with an app that can locate lost earbuds and personalize the sound.
  • The biggest difference is the Micro’s charging case can keep them going for 15+ hours, whereas the Charge+ can stay alive for… wait, is that a typo?! 50 HOURS?!
  • No wonder they call them that!
  • The Charge+ also comes with a Qi charging pad because it can charge wirelessly!
  • You know what lasts even longer than 50 hours? A shirt from Mediocritee!
  • Model: RKBTA9 & SG_B07HR2FQ9Z_US. Makes sense that the one that can hold a charge longer gets the longer model number.
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Earbud Jokes, with Lefty & Righty

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