192-Pack: Remy's All Natural Nut Free Cinnamon Grahams

  • A whole bunch of bags of little graham crackers
  • Hand them out on Halloween?
  • Or… don’t?
  • No nuts!
  • Can they make margaritas: how does a marshmallow chocolate marg with a graham cracker dusted rim sound? Yeah, we agree, super gross
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Some Questions Regarding Graham Crackers

Are these graham crackers too small to make s’mores?

That depends. Yes, they’re smaller than your usual graham crackers, and they come in little bags, rather than in sheets. But then again, aren’t the worst s’mores the ones that are about 70% cracker? You could possibly use these to make little s’mores sliders, and they might just be perfect. After all, the graham cracker is there for two simple reasons: 1) to provide a little cinnamon-y textural element, and 2) to allow you to pick up the s’mores without the direct handling of molten marshmallow or gooey chocolate. These could fill both of those requirements without overpowering the good stuff.

Is it even s’mores season anymore?

That’s a good question, and one we’re struggling with. On the one hand, it would seem not to be, as s’mores are most often enjoyed outside around a campfire in the summer. On the other hand, fall seems like an even better campfire season if you think about it. It’s a little cooler. It gets darker earlier. And bonfires inspire the telling of ghost stories, which are super fall-y. Really, though, does it matter? If anything, we as a society get a bit too precious about our seasonal snacks/meals. S’mores are great in the summer and in the fall. Also, the winter. Also, the spring. Over a fire or made in a microwave or whatever. They’re delicious. End of story.

Do other graham crackers have nuts in them?

We’re not entirely sure. But what we do know is that nut allergies are serious. So, it’s nice of these folks to label their product clearly, saving nut-allergy sufferers the five minutes of crucial research that generally accompanies the purchasing of even the most basic snack.

Should I buy these?

Oh, yeah. Totally.

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